Patient Testimonials

Jhaneth“The office is comfortable and the staff are nice. Dr. Alidadi is a great dentist. She’s very patient with me. She has a good heart and is a very good person. I am very happy with my implants and she makes me very comfortable. I no longer have pain in my teeth thanks to her, and I have confidence in my smile again!

“Dr. Alidadi sees my whole family. I trust her with all of them.”

—Jhaneth, implants, crowns and fillings


Leila“Since day one, Dr. Alidadi has been an outstanding specialist. I’m super-afraid of dentists. The care I received from her and the staff was gentle and of the highest quality. I’m very happy with the results. I would recommend her service to family, friends and anyone else, for that matter, without any hesitation!

”I now have cleaner, whiter, healthier teeth.”

—Leila, cleaning, whitening and CEREC fillings


Betsy“I really enjoyed the Invisalign treatment I received here. Everyone at the office helped to make my treatment worry-free and successful. They checked in with me often to make sure the process was going smoothly. When you keep up with your Invisalign treatment, the end results are wonderful, and that is what I received here at Westchester Gentle Dentistry.

“I like how Dr. Alidadi treated me like a great patient and also as a friend. I now have a brighter and more confident smile!”

—Betsy, Invisalign patient


Connor“The environment of Westchester Gentle Dentistry is consistently professional and immensely welcoming. The staff embodies this spirit, and possesses competency and efficiency in everything they do. Dr. Alidadi has a cool and collected demeanor.

“My experience has always been good, and the procedures I’ve underwent have proved constructive to my confidence and well-being. The benefits I’ve experienced as a result of the treatment I received have been aesthetic and personal refinement.”

—Connor, Invisalign patient


John“The treatment was thorough. Dr. Alidadi and the staff were professional and welcoming. They are friendly, helpful and considerate. My procedure was explained, my questions and concerns were addressed, and finance options were explained.

”I now have a better smile, more confidence and less stress worrying about dental issues.”

—John, extractions and dentures


James“When I first came to Dr. Alidadi, my teeth were in poor condition. Dr. Alidadi is always happy, and I know all will be well and done right at this practice. As a result of my treatment I am able to eat again!”



Everett“When I came to Dr. Alidadi’s office, the condition of my teeth was poor. Dr. Alidadi has been great. She takes the time to make sure you are comfortable, and she explains the procedure. The office staff is very friendly and very professional.

“I am now pain-free!”

—Everett, crowns patient


Euginia“The dental practice has a very relaxed feel. The staff are friendly, professional and competent in all aspects of dentistry. They have state-of-the-art equipment to provide excellent dental care.

“Dr. Alidadi is patient, approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. She answered all my questions in a clear and easy way. She would go above and beyond to help my dental issues.

“My teeth were in fair condition, with a permanent partial on my lower front teeth. With my new implant, I smile more. Friends and family noticed my dental work and all are impressed with my implant.”

—Eugenia, dental implant


Angela“Ever since I started seeing Dr. Alidadi, I felt like I could trust her. She is very kind and cares about the patient. She explains all the treatments, and also tells you the best preventative care. She is gentle and makes dentistry look easy.

“I had a root canal in the past, but the experience was not good at all. When I saw Dr. Alidadi, she informed me I needed root canal therapy. Doing it with her was the best experience ever. Pain free! I didn’t feel anything at all!”

—Angela, root canal therapy and gum treatment


Joao“When I first heard about Invisalign, I did not believe that a tiny piece of plastic was powerful enough to straighten my teeth. As time passed by, I was proven wrong. My teeth moved rapidly. Now that I am on the last stage, I can simply say that Invisalign actually works, and it was a great decision to complete the procedure. Moreover, I liked how Dr. Feryal Alidadi always had an open schedule, so it became easy for me to come in and do my check-ups.

“Dr. Alidadi is easy to talk to. Overall, the people over at this dentistry were total professionals all the time. I am delighted that I chose them. My teeth have finally straightened after the procedure!”

—Joao, Invisalign


Roman“The staff and doctor are fantastic! They are always professional and friendly. I never have to worry about anything, i.e. fees, pain or pressure to do anything with my teeth. Dr. Alidadi is very straightforward, and I trust her opinion and work!

“I had not seen a dentist in years! Dr. Alidadi is very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I always feel comfortable coming here, and I now have better teeth and gum health!”

—Roman, cleaning, fillings and root canal therapy


Jackelyn“I’m starting Invisalign treatment. The consultation with the doctor was a success, and I am excited to get started very soon! During the consultation, I got a lot of information, which helps me to know I’ll be in good hands. I trust that I will have a great smile at the end of the treatment!”

—Jaccelyn, Invisalign


Patient Testimonials - Karen“I was that kind of person who was afraid of the dentist. I saw a lot of dentists around here, and all the work they did was very disappointing. I said to myself, ‘I will try Dr. Alidadi,’ when I saw her in the newspaper. I called the office and my first impression was that the secretary was sweet, and I made the appointment right away.

“When I first meet Dr. Alidadi, I just felt really comfortable. She gave me a lot of options for my treatment and I started right away. Now it’s been almost two years and I’m so happy with her, and recommend her to all my friends and family. Love this office!!”



Patient Testimonials - Shamva“Dr. Alidadi and her staff are phenomenal. From the first day I walked into the office, I was treated with respect. I walked in the office afraid because I haven’t visited a dentist in several years.

“Dr. Alidadi felt my fear and immediately jumped into action. She played soft music to help calm my nerves. Then she began explaining to me how the process would work and the benefits of getting the treatment. She did not “sugar coat” anything. She told me what was needed to be done and explained my options. She did not pressure me to make a decision. She just laid it out up front.

“Needless to say, I came back to receive my laser treatment, and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I’ve been told that I have a pretty smile.”



Patient Testimonials - Edwin“From the first time I walked in here I knew this would be a different dental experience. I was greeted with kindness and a smile. By the time I had to meet Dr. Alidadi and her assistant, I was very comfortable. Dr. Alidadi took the time to explain to me what work I needed done and how important it was to my overall health.

“They really make you feel that they care; from the receptionist to the assistant, and of course Dr. Alidadi. Thank you for caring and educating me on how important my teeth are.”



Patient Testimonials - E.F.“I used to have all kinds of problems with my teeth, from gum problems to twisted teeth. I’ve had a great experience with the treatment and results so far. With Invisalign, my teeth are getting straight without pain!! They are a professional office with really good team work, and everything runs really smoothly. Now I have a healthy and nice smile.”



Patient Testimonials - Angelica“I hadn’t seen a dentist in almost 20 years and my teeth suffered tremendously. I found out about Dr. Alidadi on the internet and decided to go to her after I read some great reviews online. Everything about the practice is 100% wonderful! The staff is amazing and friendly, and my treatment was extremely comfortable.

“Dr. Alidadi is so honest, but also reassuring. She makes me look forward to my dental visits. She always goes above and beyond to ensure the overall health of her patients as well as their comfort. She is knowledgeable and honest and that’s what makes her practice so valuable! Now I am more confident in my smile, and I floss so much more!”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalInvisalign® Teeth Straightening

Dr. Alidadi is straightening Lissette’s teeth with Invisalign “invisible” braces.

“My teeth were crooked. Invisalign is really comfortable and so far I am seeing results through the treatment. And I like the way Dr. Alidadi constantly asks me how well I feel with my treatment.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalDental Implant, Crown, Fillings and Teeth Cleanings

Ana likes Dr. Alidadi’s professionalism.

“I had the opportunity to work for Dr. Alidadi and really liked how she worked and how clean and responsible she is as a professional. I like her sense of responsibility and the fact that she always strives for perfection. As a result of the dental work I had done with Dr. Alidadi, my mouth is always healthy. I feel very confident when I smile.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalVarious Dental Procedures

Dr. Alidadi helped Carmen’s smile shine through.

“My teeth were in bad condition when I decided to visit Dr. Alidadi. I liked her attitude. As a result of Dr. Alidadi’s dental work, I can smile with confidence.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalTeeth Cleanings and Fillings

Dr. Alidadi’s high standard of dental care is appreciated.

“Having used dental schools for my dental care in my student days, I have considerable knowledge of the quality and experience that should be provided. I very much find this in the care I receive from Dr. Alidadi.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalInvisalign Teeth Straightening

Dr. Alidadi used Invisalign to straighten Alejandra’s misaligned teeth.

“Dr. Alidadi makes the Invisalign procedure and experience very comfortable. She is patient and friendly. And her office staff is very nice and takes care of all my needs.

“Dr. Alidadi gave me a chance to not have to deal with annoying braces and still get the same results with Invisalign. There has been a difference with my teeth becoming more aligned. Invisalign has been nothing but a benefit.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalInvisalign Teeth Straightening

Deborah originally came in to see Dr. Alidadi because she had crooked teeth.

“I had some alignment issues with my teeth and wanted a local dentist who could treat me and my children. Dr. Alidadi is very friendly, flexible and good with children. Her Invisalign treatment is working and should improve my smile and prevent a lot of problems in the future.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalTeeth Cleaning, Fillings, Antibiotic Gum Therapy and Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Dr. Alidadi treated Yacynth for gum disease and a crooked smile.

“My gums bled as I brushed them so I conducted an internet search and discovered Dr. Alidadi. I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable, flexible and caring. Thanks to Dr. Alidadi, I have healthy gums, my teeth are better aligned and I have a better smile.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalInvisalign Teeth Straightening, Teeth Cleaning and Crowns

Dr. Alidadi used Invisalign to give Magdalena a straight, confident smile.

“I used to be shy about smiling. I had a gap that needed closing in my front teeth. I decided to go to Dr. Alidadi after reading her ad in El Sol newspaper. I like that she treats her patients with care and respect. She is so sweet. And as a result of her Invisalign treatment, I feel more confident about smiling.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalCrowns, Fillings, Checkup, Teeth Cleaning and Nightguard

Gwendolyn first came to see Dr. Alidadi for a checkup and cleaning.

“I needed a dentist as I was new to the area. My kids and I were due for a checkup. I found Dr. Alidadi to be caring, gentle, thorough and sincere. She has a good, helpful staff and I feel like I am visiting friends. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. I now have a feeling of security that I have the best dental health possible.”



Testimonial – White Plains Family DentalTeeth Cleaning, Gum Care and Fillings

Dr. Alidadi fixed Amadeus’ cavities, cleaned his teeth and enhanced his gums.

“My sister is a patient of Dr. Alidadi and recommended her to me. Dr. Alidadi always keeps up with the latest practices in the dental profession. And she always makes sure her patients are very relaxed and comfortable during their procedures.

“Dr. Alidadi and her team make you feel like family. I’ve talked with friends who go to Dr. Alidadi and they have had the same experience. She is very professional. Very kind to everyone.”



Denture, Crowns, Gum Care and Teeth Cleaning

Dr. Alidadi restored Mirtha’s smile with dentures, crowns and gum disease treatment.

“My teeth were not in good condition. And I had pain from infected gums.

“I went to a different dentist and it was a terrible experience. From the beginning I found Dr. Alidadi to be very nice, pleasant and professional. She told me about all the work I needed and why I needed it, which made me feel comfortable.

“Her staff is also very nice and they actually show they care for the patient. The practice is a wonderful place to come to. I feel satisfied with all the work Dr. Alidadi has done for me. It gave me the self-esteem to smile again. I feel blessed she is my dentist.”



Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Dr. Alidadi straightened Jennifer’s teeth with virtually invisible Invisalign.

“When I was 14 years old my teeth were in horrible condition. I wanted straight teeth like any other person. My mother found out about Dr. Alidadi and I liked the fact the doctor is very sweet and humble and that everyone at the practice is very nice and made me feel comfortable. As a result of the dental work I had done with Dr. Alidadi, my teeth are better looking, which gives my self-esteem a boost.”


Bottom Partial Denture and Dental Bonding

Dr. Alidadi restored Joe’s smile with a partial denture.

“I found out about Dr. Alidadi from my wife who is a patient. At that time I had excessive gum and tooth loss. Dr. Alidadi created a partial denture to solve my problem. I found her to be professional, easy going and painless. And as a result of her dental work, I am able to eat all foods without any pain.”



Dental Exam, X-rays, Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Lauren originally came in to see Dr. Alidadi for an exam, cleaning and whitening.

“My teeth were yellow and I decided to go to Dr. Alidadi after reading testimonials on her website. I liked the fact that Dr. Alidadi is nice, welcoming, explains things well and has a friendly staff. And thanks to Dr. Alidadi, I now have nice white teeth!”



Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Crown Replacement and Invisalign Teeth Straightening

Dr. Alidadi replaced a crown and straightened David’s teeth with Invisalign.

“It feels like family here. I know everyone at the practice. They’re very friendly and I enjoy coming here. Dr. Alidadi explains why she is doing things and gives you choices as well as her opinion. Now I have a better smile and less tooth sensitivity.”



Gentle Dental Care

Jose thanks Dr. Alidadi for her gentle, personalized care.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional attention that I have received from you and I pray to God that he conserves your ‘angel hands’ and your patience with people.”



Aesthetic Results

Gabriela likes the fact that her teeth are not only healthy, but look good too.

“I have received dental work from Dr. Alidadi and I have found her to be a complete professional and she does very good work. She is also very patient.

“Not only does she make sure your teeth are healthy, she also takes a lot of time on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

“As a result, my smile looks very good in comparison to when I first came to see Dr. Alidadi.”



Checkups, Crowns and Fillings

Rosemary appreciates the care and friendliness.

“Like most people, I don’t like going to the dentist. Dr. Alidadi is very compassionate and caring. She explains everything that she will be doing and actually makes you a partner in your dental care.

“The experience is nothing like what I grew up fearing. There is no pain, and very little discomfort. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Appointment times are flexible. Very accommodating to your schedule. I still don’t like going to the dentist, but I like White Plains Family Dental, Dr. Alidadi, and her entire staff.”



Dentures and Extractions

Michael enjoyed the professional care.

“I have found the care here to be highly professional and exemplary. The staff are attentive, supportive and thorough. Extra effort was provided to me through the process and was consistent. I would highly recommend this service.”



Gum Treatment

MaryAnn is very pleased with her results.

“When I came to Dr. Alidadi, my gums were in really bad condition. I had swelling, pain and bleeding. Dr. Alidadi then recommended laser treatment. She had explained it was less invasive and had quicker healing time than normal gum surgery/treatment. Initially I was reluctant, but gave it a try.

“My treatment is now completed and I have no swelling, no pain and no bleeding. This sounds like a success story to me. I am truly pleased with the results. I sincerely thank Dr. Alidadi for the treatment and being very thorough when providing the laser treatment.”



Extractions and Crowns

Lillian is glad she found Dr. Alidadi.

“I originally found Dr. Alidadi because she was the closest dentist (right across the street)! Now I would travel any distance to avail myself of her services. She has treated me with unbelievable patience and great success. I cannot sing her and her staff with more praise. I have had regular checkups and emergencies treated with the same quality and care by Dr. Alidadi and her very competent and caring staff! Try her – you’ll like her.”



Root Canal, Perio Scaling Treatment, Lower Fixed Appliance Retainer

Joan had her teeth saved.

“I came to Dr. Alidadi with a problem. I could have lost 3 front teeth on my lower bite due to a gum disease. In the discussion I had with Dr. Alidadi, she assured me that she would fight to save the 3 teeth. She would first treat the gum disease and then install a bridge in the lower front. I just had it installed and I am pleased. Dr. Alidadi was thorough and professional, as was her staff. Thank you for my 3 front teeth.”



Routine Procedures

Dr. Alidadi helped Angela restore her teeth to a healthy state.

“After almost 5 years without seeing a dentist, within only a few visits my teeth are healthy again. Thank you to the staff for everything. See you in May!”



Root Canal Therapy and New Crown

Eliseo’s procedures were given gentle and careful attention.

“I started visiting this office through my wife’s recommendation since she had been visiting this office since before we were dating. At one point, I stopped coming because of the distance and started visiting a dental office closer to where we lived.

“Unfortunately, I was unhappy with that dental office and decided to come back to Dr. Alidadi’s office, regardless of the distance, because she is professional and does her job well. She takes good care of her patients and cares about how their teeth are maintained. The staff is professional and friendly.

“She just finished a root canal procedure and placed a new crown. I did not feel a thing when she did these procedures. She is very good at her job. Thanks Dr. Alidadi.”



Various Procedures

Reed had dental treatments that were pain free and effective.

“Pain free! What more can I say? I came in with a mouthful of problems and Dr. Alidadi resolved all of them in a pain-free way. And Stephanie always made me smile, coming in and going out. Wonderful office with wonderful people. I’m a patient for life. Did I say pain free?”



Gentle Tooth Extractions

Professional and sincere care for your entire family.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Alidadi for about 3-4 years. Me, my husband and our daughter have seen her and we are satisfied with her professionalism and sincere concern about us as people. My husband had a tooth removed and says he never felt a thing.

“She has given me great medical advice, as well as my family. Our oldest daughter who is married and does not live with us introduced us to Dr. Alidadi. Her friend Yvette, introduced my oldest daughter to her. We are very pleased with her and her office staff.”



Gentle Tooth Extraction

Comfortable and relaxing treatments that put you at ease.

“I walked into Dr. Alidadi’s office for a simple tooth extraction. During my office visit, Dr. Alidadi’s staff treated me with tenderness, love and care.

“My nerves had gotten the best of me, my blood pressure was elevated and I was extremely afraid. Dr. Alidadi made my office visit the best experience I’ve ever had. She played soothing musing to lighten the mood.

“After receiving the extractions, Dr. Alidadi informed me that I needed serious gum treatment. Now who can say no to such an honest and sweet, caring doctor. Needless to say, I received the laser treatment, and it was the best experience of my life. Not only did she restore my gums, but she gave me my boost of confidence back.”

– Shamva


Various Dental Treatments

Karen came to Dr. Alidadi looking to improve her dental health and received high-quality treatment.

“A year ago, I was looking for a good dentist who could solve my dental problems. I remember being very afraid when I first came in to Dr. Alidadi’s office. She and her kind staff quickly put all of my fears to rest, and reassured me. I have to admit that I’ve always hated dentists, but Dr. Alidadi has changed all that with her immense patience and understanding.

“I am happy with my successful treatments, and comfortable coming to this office. I strongly recommend Dr. Alidadi and her wonderful staff. Love this office. ”



Gum Laser Treatment, Root Canal, Crown

Emily is very happy with her results.

“When I came to see Dr. Alidadi, my gums were damaged and sensitive whenever I brushed my teeth. After the laser treatment and the great work of Dr. Alidadi and Bethany, they looked completely different and healthy! Everyone in Dr. Alidadi’s practice treated me with respect, which I appreciate so much. Thank you!”